Searching the marketplace for the perfect Freelance consultant is easy and fast! Select the "Jobs->Freelancers" menu option to display all Freelance consultant profiles. To narrow the results, use the keyword search or one of several filters until you identify the right talent. Click the "View" button to review the profile and resume.

Matching Jobs with Qualified Freelance Consultants

By selecting a specific job from the job menu, the marketplace will evaluate the profiles of Freelancers against the job and display a matching score.

Advanced Filtering of Freelancer Results

The filtering section provides the flexibility for simple keyword search to narrow results or by selecting "Add Filter", more complex filtering is possible. In the example pictured below, the user wants to see only those Freelancer profiles where the title is "Engineer" and the introduction section of the profile contains either "Cyber" or "CMMC". Users can add any number of filters.

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