Proposals and Contracts

Hiring a Freelancer

In the GovFlex marketplace, hiring a Freelancer is as simple as finding the right talent and establishing a contract. Freelancers should not begin work on a job until a contract is established.

Establishing a Contract

Freelancers should negotiate the terms, rates, and deliverables for every job by submitting a proposal and messaging the customer. Once both Freelancer and Customer agree to the proposal terms, a "live" contract is established.

Milestone Payments

Customer jobs can contain one or more task milestones. Milestones can be created for work, travel, expenses, or anything. Freelancers can also add milestones to any live contract during the execution of the contract. Freelancers determine the cost and cycle for each milestone. Freelancers and customers both agree to each milestone. Freelancers are paid for approved work associated with each milestone.

Sample contract with 3 task milestones in different states of a contract

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