Key Distinction

GovFlex is the Government Freelance Exchange. It is a digital marketplace designed specifically for providing a broad range of highly specialized professional and high-demand operational services to government contractors. The GovFlex marketplace focuses exclusively on services. Our E-Commerce platform was designed and built to deliver effective results, ease-of-use, and compliance, while saving time and money. GovFlex represents the future of work for Gig Economy tasks and projects in the government sector.


  1. GovFlex is a competitive marketplace that does not use FedBid-like reverse auction techniques.

  2. GovFlex does not provide for bid decrements to enable lower bids each time a reduction is offered.

  3. Typically GovFlex projects involve specialized and/or high-demand talent, which often involve our clients selecting offers based upon best value vs. lowest price.

  4. GovFlex customer requirements are generally less commoditized and typically more specialized.

  5. GovFlex provides 24/7 virtual and personal customer success support vs. FedBid on-site support.

  6. FedBid provides a heavier focus on products vs. services.

  7. GovFlex offers a complete range of professional, expert and operational services vs. FedBid day-to-day services.


  1. GovFlex and FedBid are both online competitive marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers.

  2. Streamlined processes save time and money.

  3. Buyer’s control price and selection based upon their specifications.

  4. Both provide algorithm-driven secure interfaces.

  5. Both provide U.S.-based service, support and training.

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