Fees & Payments

  1. Freelancer Processing and Administrative Fee - GovFlex deducts a 10% processing and administrative fee from each Freelancer transaction.

  2. Freelancer Bank Charge - Stripe charges a 0.25% + 0.25 bank charge for each digital transfer of funds to the Freelancer bank account.

  3. Customer Credit Card Processing Fee - GovFlex relies on the Stripe secure credit card processing system to process payments from customer credit cards. Stripe charges customers the US domestic fee rate of 2.9% + .30 cents for each credit card charge.

  4. Freelancers and Customers can join the marketplace for free.

Marketplace Ratings

GovFlex uses a 5-star performance rating system to rate the job performance of freelancers. A five star rating means the freelancer has performed like a rock star. A 1-star rating indicates customers who have worked with the freelancer were not very pleased with their performance. An average of all customer performance ratings appear for customers when searching for freelancers.

Marketplace Reviews

Reviews are a key component of trust in a marketplace. 92% of customers will hesitate to buy a product or service from a freelancer with no reviews.

In GovFlex, there are two ways to add reviews to freelancer profiles.

  1. Upon job completion in the marketplace, customers are required to complete a brief review of the freelancer performance. A rating, title, and description of the experience can be provided. Customer reviews then become part of the freelancer profile.

  2. Freelancers can also create a review from previous work directly in their profile. However a snapshot of evidence supporting the review and rating must also be uploaded and verified (by GovFlex) before the review becomes displayed publicly.

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