We value feedback and suggestions from customers and freelancers. Much of the feedback we have received has led to substantial modifications to the platform to streamline and simplify the marketplace. The pipeline tool and opportunity analytics tool are no longer accessible from the marketplace. What you will find in GovFlex Express is a focus on better matching of freelance consultants with job opportunities. Below is a list of key changes to GovFlex now available in GovFlex Express.

GovFlex Express


Freelancers can now view and submit proposals to all public jobs posted by customers in the marketplace.

Freelancers could only view jobs they were invited to view by customers.

A notifications page under settings enables Freelancers to choose which notifications they receive. Default is “all”.

Freelancers sometimes received notifications of jobs opportunities that did not match their skills.

An enhanced matching engine now displays how well Freelancer profiles match with customer job opportunities.

Matching engine did not indicate why the freelancer profile matched against a particular opportunity.

Freelancers will be charged a 10% processing and administrative fee. They need to be sure to increase their rate to account for this cost.

GovFlex processing fee was added to the freelancers rate. Results in the same cost to customers, just changed to be more in line with industry standards

Freelancers provide a proposal to express interest in a job which is followed by the addition of milestones added by the Freelancer. Freelancers and customers discuss deliverables, costs, and schedule and must both agree to a contract for each job.

Customers solicited quotes from freelancers and specified start/end dates, schedule and deliverables. No formal contract was established.

Customers make a deposit into their marketplace secure wallet via credit card (stripe) at the beginning of each job milestone. When a job milestone is completed and authorized by a customer, freelancers are paid electronically within 2 business days.

Customers paid the processing fee for the estimated cost of a project to begin a job and paid the balance upon completion and acceptance of work. Freelancers were paid electronically within 2-5 business days.

Customers are charged a 2.9% +.30 cents credit card processing fee.

GovFlex platform was charged credit card processing fees.

Improved security. All freelancers and customers are required to comply with strengthened account password rules.

No minimum password length was required.

Improved messaging support. Freelancers and customers can now communicate using the marketplace "Inbox". Communications can include non-disclosure agreements, organizational conflict of interest statements as well as other attachments.

Messaging did not allow for threads.

Enhanced customer service now provides for video chat between customer success advisors and GovFlex users.

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