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Freelancers and Agencies FAQs

Frequently asked questions

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When and How do I get paid in the GovFlex marketplace?

As a freelancer or agency in the GovFlex marketplace, you get paid in 2-5 business days after a customer authorizes payment for a work milestone.

I'm very busy, why should I take the time to fully complete the profile in GovFlex?

The GovFlex marketplace contains a matching engine that sifts through profiles and presents them to customers who have posted job opportunities – but only those profiles that have been activated by completing all of the required sections.

I have a consulting company, can I register my company in GovFlex?

Absolutely. In GovFlex your company is considered an "Agency" that hires freelance consultants. This means when you register, be sure to choose the "Agency" option and include your company name and in the profile. When your freelancers register, they should choose the "Agency Freelancer" option and select your company name. This affiliates your freelancers with your company and all payments for work performed in this model are paid to your company. Your company is responsible for payment to the freelancers.

I already have clients, what is the advantage of joining GovFlex?

As a member of the GovFlex marketplace, freelancers enjoy several advantages.

  1. Increased Opportunities – Once you fully complete a profile your skills and expertise are searchable by every company in GovFlex looking for your type of expertise.

  2. Invoicing – When you complete work in GovFlex, the system automatically generates and sends an invoice for you.

  3. FastPay – When your work is accepted by a customer GovFlex electronically transfers payment directly to your bank account in 2-3 business days.

  4. Tax Reporting – As a 1099 independent consultant, you are responsible for including your earned income to the US IRS at the end of the year. As a member of the GovFlex marketplace, we track your earnings and provide you with a consolidated 1099-MISC for all services provided through GovFlex if they exceed $600

How much does it cost to join GovFlex?

ZERO. Freelance Consultants (1099) and agencies can join the marketplace for FREE. There is a 10% processing and administrative fee deducted from your work milestones and a small fee (0.25% + .25) charged by Stripe to electronically transfer funds to your banking institution.

What can I do to earn the trust of customers who have not worked with me before?

The fastest way to earn the trust of new customers is to fully complete your profile and be sure to add your resume, at least one work experience, and the contact information of at least 3 verifiable references who are familiar with your work in the "References" section of the profile.

Do you track who holds a security clearance?

GovFlex does not track this information but freelancers often include their security clearance status in their profiles as it may be relevant for customer job opportunities.

Can I work as a W2 Employee for a company that contacts me through GovFlex?

Yes, as long as it is done in accordance with the GovFlex Terms of Service. GovFlex registered companies may hire freelance consultants as W2 employees. Companies pay GovFlex a pre-arranged fee for this accommodation.

Are the freelance consultants in the marketplace employees of GovFlex?

No. The freelance consultants and agencies in the marketplace are professional, vetted, independent contractors that set their rates and choose which engagements they work.

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