How does GovFlex save me time when hiring a Freelance Consultant?

GovFlex is a marketplace where 1000's of freelance consultants of varied skills and experience join and describe their expertise in a profile. Customer's join the marketplace and can search freelancer profiles to identify a person to work on a short-term project and hire them through the platform in minutes.

What fees am I charged if I hire a freelance consultant from GovFlex?

Administration Fee

GovFlex uses the Stripe processor to securely process credit card deposits. Stripe charges customers an administration fee of 2.9% + .30 cents for each credit card payment into your SecurePay wallet (escrow).

Freelancer Fee

Customers are required to negotiate a contract with freelance consultants in the marketplace to provide work through projects. Customers are responsible for paying the billing rate of freelance consultants. Typically jobs are divided into one or more work milestones. The contract describes the details of the work to be performed, timelines, deliverables and the amount the freelancer is to be paid, and on what schedule. (ie. hourly, monthly, etc.)

What does it cost to use GovFlex?

ZERO. Customers can register in the GovFlex marketplace and search the freelance consultant database free of charge. To post jobs in the marketplace, customers will have to purchase one of the available membership plans.

Who handles the 1099 IRS Reporting?

GovFlex. Because we pay the freelance consultants, we are responsible for preparing the 1099 Misc forms for each freelance consultant at the end of the year.

When I hire a freelance consultant through GovFlex, when am I required to pay the invoice and when is the freelance consultant paid?

Once you and a freelancer agree to terms in an active contract, you are responsible for depositing a payment in the amount equal to any work milestones. These funds are held in SecurePay wallet (escrow) until you authorize their release to the freelancer.

Once a freelancer completes a work milestone, if you approve the work, an invoice is automatically generated and funds will then be released to the freelancer. Freelancers typically receive payment within 2-5 business days after authorization.

What if we want the freelance consultant to work at our office?

If acceptable by the freelance consultant, then yes, this is acceptable. This requirement should be stipulated when you describe your job.

What are the methods of payment available to me?

At this time, we accept any authorized credit card for payments associated with freelancers and membership plans.

We would like to do a one-day test for technical writers, how is that handled?

The marketplace has a "Messages" feature that allows for attachments. You can provide a test or any document and discuss via the messages feature.

We have an in-house interview survey. Can we have the consultant complete the survey?


If we are not happy with the freelance consultant, how is this handled?

We encourage customers and freelancers to track and discuss the progress of work milestones to avoid a dispute. If you are not satisfied with the freelancer work, you should terminate the job. As stated in our Terms of Service (TOS), because the freelancers are not employees, GovFlex does not resolve any work performance issues that may arise between customer and freelancer.

With escrow service, your funds are protected and won’t be released until each work milestone has been completed and approved. Once the freelancer has completed and submitted work for a project milestone, you will receive an email notification to "Approve" the work. If you approve the work, the funds are immediately released to the freelancer. If the work is not acceptable, do not approve the work and the funds will remain in escrow. The freelancer can then make any necessary changes to the work.

Important note: For repeating auto-pay milestones, you have 5 days to review the work and take action. If you do not take action, that is considered approval and funds will be automatically released to the freelancer.

How does GovFlex verify the quality of the freelance consultants in the marketplace?

Upon completion of work, customers are required to complete a 5-star performance review on freelancers. The review rates each freelancers’ performance on a scale of 1 through 5 where 5 is exceptional. The rating and comments provided for every customer job are visible in the freelancer profile.

*Not all freelancers in GovFlex have completed work and may not yet have any performance rating for this reason. This is particularly true of newly registered freelancers.

Do you track who holds a security clearance?

GovFlex does not track this information but freelancers often include their security clearance status in their profiles as it may be relevant for customer job opportunities.

Can we interview the freelancer before hiring?

Sure. There is online messaging or you can reach out to the freelancer to coordinate a phone or in-person interview.

Can I use my company's NDA for freelancer projects?

Yes. There is a messaging feature which allows you to attach documents. Attachments can include NDAs, OCIs, or any document you choose.

Can I work as a W2 Employee for a company that contacts me through GovFlex?

Yes, as long as it is done in accordance with the GovFlex Terms of Service. GovFlex registered companies may hire freelance consultants as W2 employees. Companies pay GovFlex a pre-arranged fee for this accommodation.

Are the freelance consultants in the marketplace employees of GovFlex?

No. The freelance consultants and agencies in the marketplace are professional, vetted, independent contractors that set their rates and choose which engagements they work.

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