​GovFlex​ has switched to a new and improved marketplace platform! The new platform is easier to use and offers many of the changes users requested. The streamlined focus of GovFlex Express is connecting freelancers with government contracting companies fast.

You can find a list of the key differences between GovFlex and GovFlex Express here.

Important Items to note:

We implemented some additional password requirements to improve security. You will have to click here to reset your password👇.

  1. We migrated most of the information of existing user accounts to a newly established account in GovFlex Express. Please visit your profile and update your information if necessary. We did not migrate old projects or files (ie. NDAs, OCIs, Invoices, pipelines). If you need copies of any of your files in GovFlex, please let us know within the next 10 days and we will download them for you. After that, there will be no access to these files.

  2. Our business model has changed. We eliminated the transaction fees for customers however freelance consultants are now charged a 10% processing and administration fee on each work milestone they complete. (You may want to adjust your billing rate).

  3. Customers now make a deposit for the full cost of each milestone when a task begins. It may be helpful to define multiple milestones with short cycle periods.

  4. Freelance consultants can now view and apply for any customer job without an invite.

As always, you can find extensive help articles in the Help Center or just click on the tiny orange "Intercom" icon at the bottom right of your page.

Team GovFlex

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