Here are the best practices for posting your job: 

1. Use GovFlex categories to define and refine your search. Select the job category that best matches your posting. This is essential for our job matching tool. To start, navigate to the Jobs tab, select “ALL JOBS” and find “Post A New Job,” in the upper right of your screen. Here is where you will select the category for your posting. 

2. Once you have selected your category, you will be able to post details about your job. Clearly explain your job requirements. Include deliverables, responsibilities, and timelines.

3. Choose a budget range to provide freelancers understandable and realistic proposals for your job post. 

4. Be sure to add your job preferences. Select specific skills you require, such as Technical Writing or Software Project Management. Begin typing in the search bar to populate a particular skill or scroll through. After you have selected your preferred skills, be sure to include any Agency affiliations your job is associated with as well as your contract vehicle if applicable. 

5. You can select to post your job anonymously so that freelancers cannot see your name or company. You also have the option to post your job privately. No freelancer will see it unless you invite them first.

6. Finally, to post your job, press Get Proposals. 

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