Here is how to find the right Freelancer for your job:

• Evaluate your proposals and shortlist those you like. You can also search for qualified freelancers and invite them to submit proposals. Posting a public job automatically notifies Freelancers about a job and invites them to submit proposals. We recommend reviewing at least 3 to get competitive pricing.

Message your best options. You may want to consider performing a round of email interviews to help you narrow down your proposals even further. 

• Consider hiring for a test drive (a small, paid, trial contract) to assess the freelancer or agency and get more familiar with the marketplace.

• Have a kick-off meeting to establish ground rules on communication, expectations, availability, submitting deliverables, reviewing progress, and anything else you can think of. This is an excellent opportunity to utilize our two-way video chat feature! 

•  Introduce your new freelancer or agency to the rest of your online work team and make sure they have contact information for everyone they'll work with.

•  Communicate with your freelancer or agency regularly using the "Messages" area. Navigate to your inbox to see current messages. 

•  Manage your project tasks by clicking the "Manage Job" button. If the scope of a job changes during a live contract, the Freelancer can add additional task milestones for approval by the job owner.

•  Ensure that billing and payments occur on time according to your contract. GovFlex automatically invoices for recurring jobs, but you must manage payments for work milestones yourself.  Once a live contract is established, and a task milestone is defined, a deposit is due. An amount equal to the milestone amount plus a 3% credit card processing fee must be deposited into the customers’ escrow account (Stripe). Freelancers are alerted to begin work once a milestone has been funded.

Job owners click the “Approve” button to accept a Freelancers work. This step triggers the invoice payment process. Funds held in the customers’ escrow account are electronically transferred to the Freelancers banking institution –typically within 2-3 business days. Like Uber, when a job ends, customers complete a 5-star performance review on Freelancers.

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