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We make it easy for Freelancers to find their next opportunity. Though our Job Matching feature is fantastic, it is not foolproof. Sometimes the Contractor does not list the same matching criteria that appears in your profile.

As a Freelancer, it is important that you expand the matching criteria to see what skills, contracts, and agencies are associated with a job.

Pro Tip: If you do have skills and experience that appear in a posted job, update your profile to reflect those skills, contracts, or agencies.

Here is the 5 step process for creating a Proposal for your desired job:

1. Start by navigating to "Search Jobs" from the Jobs menu.

2. Select the "Apply" button on any job where you would like to send a proposal.

3. The job page will display information on the Contractor and a description of the job. Select the "Create Proposal" button to create and submit your proposal.

Pro Tip: We suggest that you provide an introductory message in the description section of your proposal.

You can choose to include milestones with your proposal (they can be edited later). Proposals can be as brief as an introduction and as detailed as a typical consultant agreement once expectations are clearly defined.

4. Select the "Add" button to add milestones to your proposal. The "Target End Date" is just a guideline for you and has no bearing on the actual milestone.

5. Select the "Send to Client" button. Once you have done this, a success message will appear that alerts the Contractor of your interest. Be sure to negotiate with the Contractor to define the work details, outline deliverables, cost, and schedule. Once you and the Contractor are in agreement on the proposal terms, a live contract is created.

Note: Milestones can no longer be edited once a proposal becomes a live contract.

Here is an example of a completed Contract:

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